Our VISION is to expand within the greater SADC region and beyond. Based on a well-executed strategy, solid returns, access to funds and quality resources, Afri-Roads is a unique investment opportunity into its chosen commodities. The Afri-Roads brand is built on a strong vision – Everything we do and deliver today will allow others to realise their vision tomorrow. At Afri-Roads, we look beyond the current commodities and operations and see the impact we have on people and the planet. This way of thinking is what drives our essence of “defining possibility”. We believe in the power of people and their ability to explore and shift boundaries which lead to success.


When inspired leaders in any specific field come together, one expects nothing less than greatness. Afri-Roads is no different. Formed by the merger of some of the biggest achievers in its industry, Afri-Road’s leaders aim to build on the successes of their predecessors and push the group to unrivalled success. In short, Afri-Roads has no equal. It is a progressive, new generation South African organisation which aims to create possibilities for all involved.


Client - LAFARGE
Client - Mamba Cement